SERÉ LA HUELLA (Spanish Edition)

Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Scott, Robert Falcon, ; Format: Book; lx, p.: ill., maps ; 21cm.

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The series includes several spin-off novellas called the Chesspocalypse series. The series is currently ongoing.

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Callsign: Bishop is co-authored by David McAfee. Callsign: Rook is co-authored by Edward G. Queen is co-authored by David Wood. Callsign: Knight is co-authored by Ethan Cross.

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  1. Callsign: King II - Underworld by Jeremy Robinson.
  2. Season of Revenge.
  3. Callsign: King (Jack Sigler)!

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Is our listing on the left missing a book or two? We do our best to get everything listed but the occasional book gets by us. Talbot: Funny you should ask. We began corresponding via email, and somewhere along the line, I started doing a little beta reading for him and he offered to read one of my books and give me feedback if I gave him enough lead time. A few days later, he asked me if I was interested in co-authoring the Rook novella.

The dude is my favorite character of the Chess team. As a result, were you given strict limitations on what needed to happen in the story and where and how to begin and end it? The answer is that Jeremy told me some of the very high-level plot, because we needed to lay the groundwork for the next book.


Kane: So you guys are already a writing team with two authors making up the Talbot pseudonym. Where did the Talbot part of your author name come from? How does the work break down between you two normally? Talbot: Heh, some good questions. The Talbot name comes from the pen name Jason created for himself before either of us started writing the first book: J. Now, the other half of Edward G.

Series: Chesspocalypse

Talbot, Jason Derrig, likes to keep a low profile. He also sometimes lacks motivation. Did I say that out loud? I do most of the writing, as well as the public stuff. Where Jason shines is in plots. It felt a little odd, not having Jason read every chapter as soon as I wrote it, but I pestered Jeremy enough during the process that it worked out fine. But the Osprey transporting him to the scene falls prey to an EMP attack and is forced to crash land atop a parking garage.

With a wounded pilot in tow, Knight explores the empty city for signs of life and finds two terrified children, who warn him that something monstrous is stalking the city. Together, they fight—and die—against a nightmare that follows its objective to the end: kill them all.

The underground facility, known as Alpha, once belonged to Manifold Genetics, a corrupt corporation shut down by Chess Team.