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Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Scott, Robert Falcon, ; Format: Book; lx, p.: ill., maps ; 21cm.

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Tell your social media friends about it in German! Endlich kommt man mal zur Ruhe! Endlich zuhause! Wir haben euch vermisst! We missed you!

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It was so quiet without you! Coffee get-together? What would you say? Your friend or you are celebrating your birthday in an unexpected way. Be sure to share this on social media! Aber Geburtstagsfeiern werden nie langweilig! But birthday parties will never get boring! May all your wishes come true! We get better with age!

I am looking forward to the party!

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  • Learn the phrases easily! Frohes Neues Jahr! Who has resolutions for the new year?

    Aus meinem Königreich

    Everybody can work on themselves and today is the best day to begin! I am sure it will be a good year! Frohe Weihnachten! Ich hoffe jeder feiert mit seinen Lieben und findet viele Geschenke unter dem Weihnachtsbaum! I hope everyone celebrates with their loved ones and finds a lot of presents under the Christmas tree!

    Suchen von Datenblättern

    I hope everyone celebrates with their loved ones. In Germany, presents are opened on the evening of the 24th of December. Maybe we will see each other at church? Use the question only if you are going to church yourself. How did you know exactly what I wanted? So, the festive season is over! Yet, there will always be other days, besides a birthday, to wish someone well.

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    Some things deserve to be celebrated, like wedding anniversaries. Learn which German phrases are meaningful and best suited for this purpose! Tom celebrates his wedding anniversary with his wife, posts an image of them together, and leaves this comment:. Ein ereignisreiches Jahr! Auf die Zukunft!

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    • German/Grammar/Verbs.
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    • To the future! It can be used both for good and not so good experiences, as it simply means a lot has happened, not necessarily all good. It can be used for anniversaries, in business, or in general when friends are out having a drink. It is a very broad statement. To many more! Learning to speak a new language will always be easier once you know key phrases that everybody uses.

      These would include commonly used expressions for congratulations and best wishes, etc. Master these in fun ways with Learn German! We offer a variety of tools to individualize your learning experience, including using cell phone apps, audiobooks, iBooks and many more. Never wonder again what to say on social media! Imagine yourself making several different mistakes, then consult this guide to see exactly how you should atone for each one. All the better for a sincere apology. Germany is famous for its public transportation and the quality of its trains. This is another great place to bust out the Entschuldigung.

      And they probably needed to wash that shirt anyway. Something that you might need to replace, though, is…. Ich werde es zur Reperatur bringen.

      Pottermore's Sprechender Hut!

      Depending on your business, this might be something that can be easily forgiven or it might merit some kind of punishment. Now to convince your boss not to give you the boot immediately:.

      Vorsicht is another word we can take apart quite cleanly. Oh gosh. That can actually be pretty rude in Germany, where people are more used to their privacy and personal space. This is a great example of how the German language can stack up verbs at the end of the sentence.

      This is faster than applying a list of rules! In any case, your roommate has probably lost some trust in you. Here are two great sentences for that:. This is another perfect phrase you can fit into a lot of situations. In addition, you might also try explaining why you were so hurt.

      source site This would probably be a situation where a lengthy letter of apology is more appropriate than a couple of phrases. And you might want to wait a little bit to give them time to cool off. Keeping in mind that what you say is going to hinge on your individual circumstances, here are some good things you can try to work into your apology. Even if you previously used du with that person, if your mistake has really caused a rift between you, it may seem rude to address them with du. Not only that, though, you did something pretty bad.

      Words, of course, are only words. The nuances of bitte deserve their own post. Conclusion Apologies are complex things that rarely conform to a guide. If all goes well, your honest feelings and heartfelt words will save the day. Also check out our online community forums to discuss lessons with fellow German-learners, and download our MyTeacher app for a one-on-one learning experience.

      We here at GermanPod Remember, practice makes perfect. At one point, Germany was divided into two sections, separated by the Berlin Wall. This division had many negative effects on Germans of both sides, including the inability to visit friends or family living on the opposite side. In , the Berlin Wall fell at last, reuniting the two sides of Germany, and thus making the country what it is today.

      At GermanPod Since reunification in , the East German states have again been a part of the Federal Republic. The East German government erected the Berlin Wall on the night of August 12 and 13, , because they wanted to prevent the escape of people to the Western part. The wall tore families who lived in East and West Berlin apart and made it impossible to visit friends and relatives. While the East German population could not legally travel to the West, even the West German population had the option of traveling to East Berlin through certain transit routes only.

      In the GDR, frequent protests were held in With the signing of the contract agreement, the reunification of Germany took place on October 3, November 9 has some negative connotations because of other historical events, so October 3 was chosen as the Day of German Unity. To hear each vocabulary word pronounced and accompanied by a relevant image, check out our German Unity Day vocabulary list!

      What are your thoughts on this German holiday, and the history of division behind it? Let us know in the comments; we look forward to hearing from you! To continue learning about German culture and the language, explore GermanPod We provide an array of fun and effective learning tools for every learner, at every level:. Doing so will give you access to your own German teacher who will help you develop a personalized learning plan tailored to your needs and goals.