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This book started out with a good solid storyline -- of a woman with an interesting job and a crazy family and loving boyfriend. Then the author completely lost me with the religious -- and unrealistic -- tone of the final quarter or so of the book. Couldn't wait for it to end, and, in fact, probably skimmed the final few pages.

Maria: Full of Grace

View all 3 comments. Grace the over and seemingly content to still be unmarried daughter of this family is and always will be Maria Graciella to her grandmother. Add to this storyline Michael, Grace's live-in commitment-challenged boyfriend who is Irish, an agnostic and whose calling in life is doing stem cell research. He has never met Grace's family because he's neither Italian nor a good practicing Catholic neither is Grace and there's also that problem with the Pope's opinion of Michael's career.

So far, so good and very entertaining. Seriously, do Catholics ignore the fact that she had more children after Jesus? Well, here's where the book loses me for the most part. So if it wasn't for that stuff, I'd have given this book 4 stars because the family dynamics are so funny. Grace is so sarcastic and someone I'd love to have as a friend. But, to much of the Catholic stuff made it, in the end, just an OK read. I'll try another in a few months. Jun 06, Trish Waters rated it it was ok.

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This is my third book that I have read by this author after Plantation and Pawley's Island. While I think she's an excellent author and captured the flavor of the area, I found all her female main characters to have a bit of a snobbish mean streak. In each story there is one "white trash" character, who I don't think is necessary to the story.

The narrator is constantly putting down and making fun of that person. I'm not sure if I want to continue her books if this formula continues. Feb 20, Kayla Deangeles rated it did not like it.

Maria Full Of Grace (2004)

The title of the book should be "Being Mean to Marianne. The story doesn't speak well of Italians or Catholics, as they come off as narrow and clique-ish.

Full of Grace Cafe: Small-town parish opens thriving coffee shop, community center

Some of the writing is entertaining but forgettable. I would not recommend it. Jun 10, Nicole rated it really liked it. I liked this book a lot more than I thought I was going to when I started it. I enjoy the area it takes place in, even though there was not a great deal of information about the area not overly relevant.

The characters were charming and quirky, even when the plot took a more serious tone. I learned a lot about the Catholic religion, which I found interesting. Overall, a great book! Jan 04, Cheri rated it liked it. I'm with Carly, my least favorite of Dorothea's books My favorite by Dorthea Benton Frank!

All her books make me feel like I am on vacation in Charleston! Jan 29, Momasita rated it did not like it. Started out strong May 27, Sarah Conner rated it really liked it Shelves: southern-fiction. This is not the typical DBF book. A lot of religion, miracles and family drama. Well I guess family drama is typical. Overall a very good book. Dec 23, Tirzah Eleora rated it did not like it Shelves: i-hated-it. I was looking for a light, fluffy read to peruse over the holidays when I didn't have a lot of brainpower for digesting something deep, and I picked up Full of Grace at the library.

Full of Grace Farm – Healing through Horses

The summary sounded promising, but within the first few pages I was disappointed. On principle I try to never leave a book half-read, and I plowed on, giving it some grace pun intended and a chance to redeem itself, but no such luck. The biggest reason for this was the terribly flat manner in which the characters w I was looking for a light, fluffy read to peruse over the holidays when I didn't have a lot of brainpower for digesting something deep, and I picked up Full of Grace at the library.

The biggest reason for this was the terribly flat manner in which the characters were written.

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They didn't come alive for me at all, and I found myself unable to relate to their various emotions. This was partially due to the very unnatural dialogue that was painful to read. In addition to this, the whole thing of the fallen away Catholic and agnostic boyfriend being drawn to the church via Marian miracle was hard to swallow, but not because I'm a sceptic. I felt that the author failed to portray the reactions of Michael and Grace in a manner consistent with their supernatural experience.

They were just like, "Yeah, we were just in this church looking at this old picture of Mary on this poncho that these people all believe was put there by her ages ago, and BOOM! Michael gets cured from his fatal brain tumor just like that. Guess we should start going to church because this whole Church, God, Mary thing might have something to it after all They both seem blithely obliviously to the fact that being in communion with the Catholic Church would completely change their way of life.

It was implied that the intend to get married at the end of the book, but even that felt very casual and not at all the result of a experiencing a phenomenon. If you're going to tackle a supernatural healing in a story, you need to change your characters accordingly. As a side complaint, I was also very annoyed at how the author portrayed Father John as being in disagreement with the Church on certain touchy topics, again not because it's unrealistic.

I'm sure there are Catholic priests out there who don't believe what they are supposed to, but in this case I felt the author was merely using it as ploy to skirt the hard reality of all that being a Catholic entails. Now that I come to think of it, it's a bit odd that author should write a book about a girl's renewed belief in the Church when the author herself clearly wants to pick and choose which teachings of the Church she likes. And the love story was lame and cliche.

Alright, I'll stop grumping. But really, if you are looking for a lovely romance to wile an afternoon away with, do yourself a favor and pass this one by.

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This book was surprising in many ways. Having read several books by this author, I was sure I would like this one as well. I did, but not the way that I expected. The book starts with a rather mundane accounting of Grace's day-to-day life. She's living with her boyfriend, Michael, who is a research physician.

On holidays, she visits her family—but without Michael who isn't welcome at her parent's home. Part of the reason is because he's using stem cells in his research and their Catholic doctrine This book was surprising in many ways. Part of the reason is because he's using stem cells in his research and their Catholic doctrine condemns it. But the primary reason is that he's not Italian; he's Irish, of all things. I was lulled along, getting to know the Russos through Grace's visits with them—the conflicts being played out over a dinner table loaded with holiday goodies.

Then, the family has to face two crises. First, Nonna falls and breaks her hip. In considerable pain, she refuses to cooperate with her therapists and demands to go home, expecting Grace's mother to care for her around the clock. Then, Michael is diagnosed with a virulent form of cancer and Grace needs her family's support as never before. My favorite character in this book is Father John. I'd like to meet him in real life. In one scene, discussing en vitro fertilization, he says, "I think that the Church's major area of concern has always been that children are begotten not made.

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