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Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Scott, Robert Falcon, ; Format: Book; lx, p.: ill., maps ; 21cm.

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Xayide has been expecting Bastian and has a plan to render him powerless. He appeals to the Fantasians for support, and the movie features some joyous reunions with his lovable cohorts from the original: the flying dog-dragon Falkor; the soft-spoken Indian boy Atreyu; and, a talking mountain named Rockbiter.

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Bastian falls into this alternate world much as Alice fell into her wonderland, in order to test his upbringing against the dispassionate severities of adulthood. Only when Bastian at last sacrifices his childhood his final two wishes erase all recollection of his mother and father can he take the plunge back into reality where his father remains unobliterated.

The instrument of his wish fulfillment, Orin, turns out to have been nothing but the reflection of his own capabilities all along. The movie is a wonderful treat for fantasy lovers of fabulous animatronics and exotic sets.

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There are humorous overtones, allegorical items of interest, a suspenseful battle between good and evil, and only the mildest touch of violence no language, or sexual misconduct problems whatsoever. A few words of caution are in order. First, Xayide is guarded by very ugly, scorpion-like giants—too intense for little ones.

Furthermore, there is the potential problem of ontological nominalism the metaphysical notion that reality is merely a giant thought and that thoughts are things inherent in most fantasies. Nominalism is conducive to magical thinking. From the perspective of the Bible, we live in a real world with real people, real problems and a real Savior, Jesus Christ, the sovereign Lord and Creator of the Universe. Magical thinking is an anathema to God for it denies the true nature of reality and presumes that His creation can be manipulated by us apart from His Will and His Laws See Deuteronomy On the other hand, it must be noted that fantasy, allegory, symbolism, and metaphor are used by God in the Bible.

Thus, fantasy can be a tool of communicating Truth. Lewis, J.

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Tolkien and Frank Peretti have demonstrated as much. However, these issues should be discussed with children so that they can develop the discernment to choose the good and reject the bad. One of the best opportunities we will ever have to live the gospel will be when we demonstrate forgiveness for an extreme hurt, and explain that we cannot withhold forgiveness from a fellow sinner when it cost our holy God the death of His sinless Son to forgive our outrageous rebellion against Him. There is a sad tendency today, especially among women, to become stuck in tragedies from their past.

Perhaps a woman has been abused and has not been able to find the resolution she needs. Now the facts of her abuse and maybe even her quest for justice and retribution define her life. If she is a Christian, what is the God story that onlookers read in such a life? Does it square up with anything at all in the Bible?

The psalms are replete with lament, even appeals to God for justice and retribution. O Lord, be not far from me! This is not a public outcry. It is an intimate cry to the Lord.

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The outcome is left with God, and the psalmist returns to his confidence that the Lord will do what is right and good. Like the psalmist, we should go to God with our broken hearts, our ravaged souls, our enraged and devastated psyches.

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Sometimes healing is a long time in coming. Sometimes professional involvement is needed.

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Actually, God will write a story no matter what you do; the difference will be what part He has in your story. Will you allow Him to lead you forward in victory, or will you prefer the role of perpetual victim? Becoming victorious is far easier said than done. When deeply hurting, our spiritual lives often suffer. Here are some suggestions that may help:. The Bible I used during one of my hard times has two very worn sections; the epistles our pastor was preaching through, and the Psalms. These were my lifelines. This was the way God held my hand, lifted my head; became and remained the main character in my story.

What will your story be? Whether adversity, poverty, personal hurt, or some other drama, do you really want the role of the main character, the one who is garnering all the attention? This will happen if you are focused on yourself instead of on God.

The Never-Ending Story Of God’s Love

It will give more power to your circumstances and to other people than they deserve. God will be to you at best a stagehand, no longer the main character in your story. You will fail to see opportunities to turn your story to His glory. Would your neighbors and co-workers like to get to know God based on what they read in your story today? What about your children? Does your life affirm the truths you are teaching them from the Bible, or does your life contradict those truths?

Are Bible stories nothing but stories to you?

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Did the God of the stories retire once the canon was complete? The next time you open your Bible, rejoice that the God you will read about is your God, and that He is still writing stories today, then relinquish the pen. Your email address will not be published.