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This is the first. It is a group of people with a mixed level of musical talent and there are no instruments playing. Listen carefully at the beginning of the song and listen to the quality and the tones.

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The angel sang all the way through, and it seems to me like the voices of the men were stronger as well. There is more power in this song. My challenge to you is to be aware, look up, and watch for what God is doing around you.

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Be a part of these God happenings and be ready to partner with his ministering angels. Carla Alvarez is the founder of Raised to Walk and a contributor at An Unexpected Journal where she writes about the Christian faith, a Communications Director at Legacy Marketing Services where she uses her BS in Marketing to create communication strategies for business, and a third grade Sunday school teacher where she uses her MA in Apologetics to keep up with questions from eight-year-olds.

Proverbs In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. Before they went into their separate spaces to worship men in one room, women in another room we were greeting each other.

I could see the two friends I was talking to a moment ago, and I was still talking to them, but I was outside my body and I wondered what I was saying to them with my conscience standing a few feet away. They were ready to go into their spaces to worship and I had to stay outside.

To Hear the Angels Sing

Subud, is non-denominal but they follow customs of Islamic practice. So people seeking membership are invited but do not participate until the third meeting. So I sat outside the closed door rooms. And listened, the women started, their worship was from whatever religion they chose, Buddhism, Islamic, Christian…. Some of them spoke some sang. They worshipped from their hearts. It was amazing, it felt like a was witnessing a cosmic harmonics. THEN, the voices faded out and I heard singing coming from far away.

It sounded like a very large group of singers. Tenors and sopranos voices and the their music felt like waves.

Hush, Hear the Angels Sing: 2-Part Choral Octavo: Patsy Ford Simms

It had a very melodic quality, somewhere between a song and a chant. They voices came from above me, it lasted for 20 minutes or so and then it moved on, they never stopped singing but as they moved off their voices became fainter.

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Others have too, and their description matches mine. The article said the singing happens mostly along the Meridian, I was in Hawaii which is closer to the International dateline.

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