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Little Miss Bad is not good. Far from it.

In fact, about as far as you can get, which is a long way! Read more Read less.

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Little Miss Sunshine (Mr. Men and Little Miss Series)

Great books! Love the lessons taught! My son struggled with reading at first and after I started purchasing these books, he started to LOVE reading!! We have several. The shipment was timely and we're delighted! December 28, - Published on Amazon. Love these books! The proportion of the total population for each moral assignation was then calculated.

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As Figure 1 illustrates, contrary to what was originally proposed, there were fewer good 18 vs. So it would seem that generally Mr Men are a bit morally worse than Little Miss. However, we know that what is considered morally good or bad changes over time. For example, it was formerly considered a moral failing to be left handed. This attitude is now agreed to be a bit sinister. Previously there was a lot of public judgement as to the type of clothing women should wear.

Nowadays, this is also done on social media. There may be one or two other examples in history. Perhaps the moral association of the Mr Men and Little Miss has also changed with time. To examine this, the populations of Mr Men and Little Miss were divided into new and old characters based on whether the book featuring them was published before or after This year was selected as a fairly natural cut-off as in , Roger Hargreaves unfortunately died and his son, Adam, began writing and illustrating new stories and characters.

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Figure 2. From a slightly different perspective we can also see from these data that numerically at least there are more good and fewer bad new Mr Men than old Mr Men and approximately the same number of good, but fewer bad new Little Miss than old Little Miss. So it would seem:. Without looking in greater detail at the actual traits assigned, it is difficult if not impossible to say what this may reveal; if there is any stereotyping present or if these trends are simply random. It could be argued that rather than morals changing over time, these data show the change in morals between Roger and Adam Hargreaves.

Judgement across gender stereotyping is obviously more complicated than a seemingly simple good versus bad dichotomy. The idea of gender as a binary concept is laden with all sorts of complex and subtle stereotypes and comparisons.

It may be possible to broadly determine if there are any obvious stereotypical comparisons by matching the names within the Mr. Men and Little Miss populations to see if they conform to any traditional gender roles. To examine the roles of the Mr Men and Little Miss, the populations were examined to see if their names could be paired with a counterpart with the same meaning e. Birthday and Little Miss Birthday, with a counterpart with the opposite meaning e. Mr Messy and Little Miss Tidy, or if there was no counterpart e. Where pairs were available, the moral weighting good or bad and the meaning of the names themselves were compared.

Again, it was just me that was checking, so interpretation is potentially based on any prejudice I may have lurking within my poor tired brain. From Table 1 we can see that is was relatively more common for Mr Men to be matched with Little Miss than for them to be opposing.

We should perhaps be pleased about this meagre hint of equality, although it is perhaps notable that the majority of the matching pairs may be considered bad characteristics. Where the Mr Men and Little Miss are compared in terms of their opposite character, they seem to be reasonably balanced in terms of which group is good or bad.

However, when we look at the actual words associated with the Little Miss tidy, neat, helpful, scary and Mr Men messy, brave, mean it begins to sound too much like the parents in a sitcom for us to be comfortable about the lack of gender stereotyping. The sitcom where the husband is the silly, humorous idiot and the wife is an attractive, home-based nag. This is perhaps too small a proportion with which to judge all of the 2D people.

Little Miss Bad V32: Mr Men and Little Miss

In summary, we have managed to get a few bits of information by looking at the total population of Mr Men and Little Miss. We know that the population of Mr Men contains more bad characters than the population of Little Miss and this is also the case historically. Pretty much just like with humans. Finally, we know that gender and how it can be used to stereotype is a complex issue even the word gender means different things to different individuals and that there is a lot of thought needed to advance many issues in this field.

Pretty much just like with shapes with personalities. So, there may not be moral stereotyping, but there is certainly strong evidence of visual stereotyping. No Mr Men had bows. There was a slight error with the chart which led to a text error. This should now have been corrected. Numbers are hard! This is catnip for Mr. Men fans like myself! Pingback: Lessons from Mr.