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This exclusive Large Format Collector's Edition is only available through lulu. Featuring fiction By Brian K. Ladd, Tonia Brown, B.

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JJJJ ist erforderlich. Ihre Anfrage konnte leider nicht bearbeitet werden. Von Adam Bradley et al. Morpheus Tales: The Best Squeezed in 27 stories.

Morpheus Tales #6 Ebook (Morpheus Tales Magazine) (English Edition)

I ran out of room to cover these tales below, but I also had been intending to recommend some new dark fiction for the witching season, so here you go! Like many publications, Fireside Fiction Company celebrates the Halloween spirit with dark stories for October Issue Hey, live with some baseball metaphors!

Very scary future; very scary reflection on now. Takes a really good piece of flash fiction to impress me, and Alyssa Wong another new-ish favorite impresses in the third, quite dark, October story.


Excellent characterization of the narrator and, all-in-all, quite enjoyable. For something so short, it depicts the narrator and even his the briefly seen baby mama well. This story by Gailey is awesomely weird. Cool stuff. The kids are all right!

Piker Press - Author: Kenneth Goldman

This team! No, I have not read all of them yet. Some I may not be able to track down at all.

Some may not fit the theme. Some are probably not genre. Email paula prime-books. My assignment was not to look at books, but at periodicals —specifically periodicals with short dark fiction. Read Locus.

  • Morpheus Tales #6 Collectors Edition!
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  • Morpheus Tales #6 Ebook (Morpheus Tales Magazine) (English Edition).

My next deadline is in mid-June for publication in the August issue. So, if you edit or publish a periodical or what is supposed to be a periodical heads up! I need to see your original fiction on a timely basis. Online, print, whatever. Nor do I need the entire issue, just the original fiction. Word docs or rtf will do. Email material or ask questions : paula prime-books. See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Brian Stableford

Enter Giveaway. The edition—seventh in the series—will be published this July. Try reading the previous previous volumes or read: www. Authors: Direct submissions to the editor can be made, but try to get your publisher to send the entire volume if possible.