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We at late lunch first, before we went to Batu Cave. Walk across the mall. And tada! After that, we grabbed a taxi to a nearby market, which was also near the MRT line. A little street food eating side-trip, before we went back to KL Sentral. Or rather, the other way around. For questions, just leave a comment. I can also send you our itinerary and our budget for this trip if you want to have an idea. North and Central Vietnam are the places I want to go back to one day.

I want to see more of it. I want to stay longer there. This will be another dream that I will hold on to. Anyway, what have you watched this year? But for the ones I did get to finish, here are my favorites. Because, I mean, no matter how busy we are, we have to watch a Kdrama or two a year, right? AND last but definitely not the least, let me talk about my favorite variety shows lately. I discovered this show early this year, I think. Or mid. And then, I got utterly hooked.

DISCO CAB - A Cab Driver Magicall Transforms a Boring Job

Yes, I consider the list above to be just a few. And the reason for that was this…. Yes, just Season 1. That was plenty of one hour long episodes. For sure. First, let me talk about my favorite variety shows so far! Feels like home. I like it so very much. Ulap is the Tagalog word for cloud. And in the most literal sense, we were in the clouds for almost the entire length of our hike, including the overnight camping.

Well, reality had some other plans. Ulap, these things, based on experience, are a must:. I doubt that anyone takes a shower at the camping site, given the temperature.

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We were so wrong. We got rained a lot and it was really foggy. So expect the unexpected and bring those jackets. It was a long weekend, which, again, slipped our mind, so getting a bus ticket was a tough call. The earliest trip to Baguio City at Victory Liner was 11am. So we kept on walking, hoping to buy a ticket, until we were approached by someone this might be dangerous but then we were walking at a very crowded street and this really happens outside the bus terminals and said that there was a van going to Baguio waiting to be filled.

We checked it. It was parked right outside Chowking. Then we decided that this might be the only ride available, so we went ahead together with a few group of friends who were also heading to Baguio. Van fare: Php ; Bus — Php We were hungry, so we asked the cab driver to bring us to a nice place to eat. When the food was served, we realized why the cab driver brought us here.

Their food is tasty and budget-friendly. We felt like we ate more than what we had paid for. Another cab driver told us later on that the owner had a farm, so he could offer the meals at a much lower cost. After that, we went to the market to buy some things we needed for the hike, like gloves and bonnet and food.

Bevor Sie fortfahren...

After that, we rode a jeep going to Ampucao Elementary School. The road was right beside the mountain cliff. But it was fun and safe.

The locals were also very friendly. With no sleep at all, we dozed off for a while and they looked after us and our things. There, we had a short orientation and the mountain was introduced to us. We had been assigned Kuya Daniel as our guide.

It will be a great help. So yes, after the orientation, we were on our way and the raindrops started falling… just a little bit. See that heavy bag? And together with almost 3L of fluids, I was panting for air on our way up. Let me remind you again that there are stores at the camping site. It will do. You can buy the rest at the store. So yes, eventually, we reached the start of the hike. To think that this was just the start. It was no joke climbing up here. After a few minutes of walking, we finally saw a glimpse of the sea of clouds from afar.

We jokingly told ourselves that we could go home now because we already saw one.

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This was when the walking saga resumed. Ulap was an easy trail, just up and down the hills. It made the path slippery. We had to keep a close watch on our steps, or else we might slide down. We owe him a lot. We honestly thought we were already at the Gungal Rock with all the walking we did. So much for our wishful thinking.

Is Trump a Fudd?

You know trouble is coming because the fog was closing in. Like what they said in the Hunger Games series…. A few more hills later, we finally reached the first peak. This was when it got really, really cold. Raindrops started to fall again and the fog was closing in. In fact, by the time we were walking to the second peak, the fog was upon us. We made a stop and ate our late lunch at 3pm.

Stefan and Sebastian from Nomadic Boys

We only had jellyace in our bags. We forgot to pack at least some breads. The fog covered the Gungal Rock when we got there. This was the second peak. The rock itself was also slippery. And yet, my friends climbed up there. Cold and wet was not what you were aiming to be with this kind of weather. After that, this was when we met the cows. They were so healthy.

Cows and cows later, we were on our way to the second campsite. So yes, the path became tricky from this point on because of the rain. I slipped once, but gladly stayed on the path. Same for my friend. The muddy path made it hard to walk. Kuya Daniel pointed where we should walk instead. As much as we could help it, we walked on the grass. A few hills later, we finally arrived at the second camping site, just beneath the summit.

Plus we were so tired and sleepless.