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Children occur throughout, playing soccer, begging, or pretending to be Johnny and the cops and fighting. The Lovers. A couple comes to the shelter looking for a place to have sex. They could care less about Johnny and quickly escape.

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The Fool. This is Pat, the driver. During the planning of the robbery, he plays with a toy teddy bear like a child, and he is cocksure about his gun. Frightened, he can scarcely wait to get a drink and leads another robber into the house of a woman he knows is untrustworthy. A third disappears at this point—chance plays a part throughout.

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The woman betrays them to the police who shoot and kill them both. The Comrade. This is Dennis Robert Beatty. The Policeman.

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He goes first to the house where Johnny has been cooped up, and there he is protective: he warns Kathleen who loves Johnny not to get involved, as he does again later in the church. There is innocence and guilt. The Traitor. This is Theresa who turns over to the police the two robbers who have taken refuge with her. She hopes for a payment. The Merciful Woman. Thinking him hit by a car, Maudie picks Johnny up from the street, but she too is divided.

She is proud of the first aid knowledge she has acquired and shows it off. But she is also simply kind.

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And helpless. The Unmerciful Man.

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Her husband is the opposite, unfeeling, unthinking, unmerciful. He just wants his tea and not to be involved. The Man of Two Minds. Johnny gets dumped by drunken British soldiers! When he finds him, he dumps him in a junkyard with an angel statue looking down on him.

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The Judas. Shell F. He keeps trying to hold onto Johnny until Kathleen finally reaches him at the end of the film. The Priest.

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Father Tom W. Fay wants Johnny, but he wants him in order to bring him back into the faith.

Kindly and appealing as he is, like all the others, he wants to fit Johnny into his own interests: the church and the faith. His talk of faith and salvation and such further heightens the allegorical feeling. The Publican. In the booth Johnny spills his beer and sees surreally in the bubbles on the tables the faces, jabbering, of those who have helped or hindered him. Once the bar is closed, Fencie hustles Johnny off with Lukey, the artist.

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The Artist. Lukey Robert Newton shares a slum with Shell and paints religious pictures. Control S.

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