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After the motorist submits to the chemical test requested by the law enforcement officer, the motorist can request a blood test of his own. He may have a physician, physician assistant, chemist, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, emergency medical technician, nurse practitioner, or other qualified technician of his own choosing to administer a chemical test or tests in addition to any administered at the direction of a law enforcement officer.

The cost of the additional test must be paid for by the motorist. Moreover, if the motorist does not obtain an additional test of his blood, breath, or urine, that does not mean that the test requested by the law enforcement officer is not admissible at a trial.

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If the law enforcement officials and technicians complied with the DPSC regulations, the results may be admissible depending on whether the evidence complies with the Louisiana Code of Evidence and other rules governing the admissibility of evidence. If the law enforcement officials and the technicians did not comply with the DPSC regulations, then the results will not be admissible in evidence if the prosecution relies on the statutory presumption of intoxication provided by LSA-R. These presumptions can be used by the district attorney to prove that the motorist was driving while intoxicated.

Under La. However, this fact may be considered with other competent evidence in determining whether the person was under the influence of alcoholic beverages. Evenings and weekend sessions are available by appointment. We will work around your schedule.

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What is the Statutory Presumption of Intoxication? What if the motorist BAC was less than 0. About the Author: Gaynell Williams. Self-identified vampires come from all walks of life. Many have families, regular jobs, and even go to church Credit: Olivia Howitt. And yet, the practice seems to have lived on among a small group of people.

True Blood: Don't mess with the Queen of Louisiana

Before the Age of the Internet, they were largely isolated, but through dedicated webpages they have now forged thriving underground networks. Thanks to their fear of exposure, these communities have become adept at hiding, a barrier Browning faced when he started his study. He realised that if he was ever going to get the chance to meet a real vampire, it was now. Walking the streets at day and night, he began to home in on the places typically goth clubs where vampires might hang out. Even at the beginning, he was not too scared about the characters he would meet.

Blood Testing Louisiana

In fact, his biggest concern was not his own safety, but the vampires. Eventually, he found himself talking about his project to the owner of a goth clothes shop, who subtly pointed out a woman standing with her two children in one of the aisles. So Browning sidled up to her, and told her about his study of vampires. In fact, the deeper he delved, the wider and more colourful the spectrum of personalities he uncovered. Although some do wear fangs and sleep in coffins, most take very little interest in the books and films.

Drinking blood can be fetishised, and vampires sometimes have sexual relationships with their donors. Many donors, however, are simply well-meaning friends Credit: Olivia Howitt. Vampirism, it seems, comes in many shades. The blood-feeding community held jobs as bar staff, secretaries and nurses; some were church-going Christians, others atheists; often, they were very altruistic. Gently questioning his cohort about the onset of the condition, Browning found the hunger for blood seemed to strike around the onset of puberty.

Blood Donation

One of the first people Browning interviewed, for instance, had been 13 or 14 years old, when he realised he felt weak all the time, lacking all the energy to run and play sports like his friends. Eventually, while fighting with his cousin, he drew blood, and his mouth brushed against the wound.

That taste for blood eventually turned into a compulsive hunger.

It was a common tale that seemed to resonate with most of the vampires he met. Besides relentless fatigue, other common symptoms appear to include severe headaches and stomach cramps. After harvesting, mixing blood with tea and herbs can help preserve the precious commodity Olivia Howitt.

Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Louisiana blood: An interview with Rebecca Wells

I can eat whatever I want, without running to the bathroom, and there is no joint or muscle pain. This tends to last about two weeks, depending on how much is taken and how often it is taken. Needless to say, donors are hard to come by. How do you possibly ask someone to let you drink their blood? In other cases, it may involve some kind of payment, says Browning.

Blood-drinker CJ! As Browning himself found, the extraction itself is closer to a medical procedure than a passionate ravishing. Typically, both the donor and the vampire are first tested at sexual health clinics or regular blood donation centres for transmissible infections.

To make the incision, the vampire may use disposable scalpels or syringes, which they open and clean in front of the donor — and they will swab the skin before the first cut. If they are drinking directly from the wound itself, they are also sure to clean their lips, brush their teeth and gargle mouthwash beforehand.

See a Problem?

Alternatively, they may have more advanced medical knowledge; CJ! Before taking the blood, she gives the donor a small rubber mouse to squeeze, which makes it easier for her to find the vein. Failing that, Browning says that some vampires will make a concoction with tea and herbs, which apparently also helps preserve the blood for longer. Following feeding, the vampires do not seem to suffer any ill side-effects; although ingesting a large volume of iron could be toxic, the amount consumed in a feeding does not seem to constitute a danger.

Even so, Tomas Ganz at the University of California Los Angeles points out that they cannot completely eliminate the risk of infection. Thanks to the stigma, vampires tend to hide their perceived condition, even from loved ones Credit: Olivia Howitt. The best way to get a real measure of the dangers would be to study official medical records. Unfortunately, most vampires are too afraid of the stigma to tell doctors or social workers of their habit. A few, like CJ!