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Figure out how to capture an interesting photograph in the most uninteresting of areas. Go for a walk around your neighborhood.

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Experiment in all different types of places. This practice will make you improve more than anything else, and it is quite fun. You should still go out for those epic days and nights of photography, and you should get away from home and explore as often as possible, but try not to forget about it during the week. If you are walking quickly from place to place and are constantly moving, it makes it even tougher.

Wander, instead of going directly to a destination. Do not disregard your surroundings, no matter where you are. If you start thinking about how boring an area is, stop and force yourself to figure out a way to capture an interesting image there. The best photographers have a knack for taking interesting images wherever they go , and part of the reason is because they do not disregard their surrounding.

1. Just do it

If you pick a location and wait, it also makes it much easier to capture people. Instead of you entering their personal space, the people will enter your space. It changes the dynamic of the entire encounter, and makes it much easier to capture candid images. Try to notice people from far away, set up your shot as they get closer and intersect with you, so that they are not fully aware of what is happening.

In addition, while portraiture is not considered as typical street photography, you can include portraiture in a street photography project, or group of images. The narrative is often what is most important, and portraiture can be a great way of pushing that narrative.

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Ask people for their portraits and see if you can capture them in a candid moment, or expression within a quick session. Use three stars for every decent image, or ones that you are not sure about, and five stars for the spectacular ones. Suddenly, hundreds of images becomes two or three, and months of shooting become just a small set. You will feel better and more confident about your archive, and editing will become much more pleasurable. The first step of the organization is the hardest, so do it right away and then come back for the fun. Lightroom allows you to use its system of collections to group photos together into folders, without changing their physical location on the computer.

The better you become at this, the easier it will be to find complementary images when you are out photographing. Editing is half the battle. It is where you first start realizing what it is that you are capturing, and it helps to inform you while you are out shooting and trying to be instinctive. Now go out and have some fun.


Be dedicated and be consistent, but the most important idea is to get lost in the process instead of worrying about the end result. James Maher is an event photographer in New York City. He also does portraits and street photography, and wrote "The Essentials of Street Photography" eBook. James is also a lifelong New Yorker and is unsure if that is a good thing or not.

He is a terrible driver and cook, as most Manhattanites are, but he can walk for very long distances and is an excellent navigator. James credits his inspiration for photography to his love for the city and its endless supply of diverse and unique personalities and stories to capture. He has worked with many local and national companies, including the New York Daily News, and has been featured around the web and in print magazines.

He authored the ebooks, The Essentials of Street Photography and Street Photography Conversations and loves to write about photography and the history and architecture of New York.

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