SERÉ LA HUELLA (Spanish Edition)

Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Scott, Robert Falcon, ; Format: Book; lx, p.: ill., maps ; 21cm.

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It was a great summer read and I thoroughly enjoyed it especially since it was really blood less. I read one or two historical novels in my time, yet I am quite reluctant to enter that genre. This novel however is a historical crime story, so I felt somewhat save as it is down my alley. Although it started quite slow for me at least, but I assume that is typical for a historical novel , the case was interesting and exiting, the main protagonist Almut was a feisty, strong woman for her time, and her sidekicks were likeable and sympathetic.

I am looking forward to read more. This is a collection of short and very short horror stories by many different authors. The eye on the cover caught my attention and I picked it up and browsed through. I honestly have to say that some stories very quite horrific since my imagination just ran with those ideas. Others were actually quite funny. The book is written for young adults maybe since most of the stories play with those myths such as the monster under the bed etc.

The right book for every ghost story and horror fan. The last book this month was another fantasy story. Again a written by a German author and not translated yet. There she meets a mysterious boy who could know something about the death of a young woman murdered on the island and whom she feels she has to protect. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Bastian Sick — Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sei Tod: Ein Wegweiser durch den Irrgarten der deutschen Sprache 1 This book is a collection of newspaper columns on the ridiculous side of the German language.

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Andrea Schacht — Der Dunkle Spiegel 1 I read one or two historical novels in my time, yet I am quite reluctant to enter that genre. Susan Rich — Mein kleiner Horrortrip This is a collection of short and very short horror stories by many different authors. I enjoyed the themes the book touched upon, the story itself was a little calm for my taste.

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Luces y Sombras (Spanish Edition)

Diana Verlag, October , pages. Heyne Verlag, September , pages. Illustrated by Gabriele Merl. Books on Demand, January , pages. Gustav Kiepenheuer, May , pages. Aufbau Taschenbuch, August , pages. Aufbau Taschenbuch, October , pages. Aufbau Taschenbuch, February , pages. Penhaligon Verlag, August , pages. Zwei Katzen unterm Weihnachtsbaum.

Zeit zum Fliegen!! (ES 2017) Clip/german

Blanvalet Taschenbuch Verlag, April , pages. Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, November , pages. Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, October , pages. Ein Hundekrimi aus dem Piemont. Ullstein Taschenbuch, April , pages. Ullstein Taschenbuch, December , pages. Stephan Moll, November , pages.

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Synonyms and antonyms of Knasti in the German dictionary of synonyms

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Die Abschaffung der Arten. Suhrkamp Verlag, September , pages. Verslagsunion Pabel-Moewig, May , pages. Illustrated by Karoline Baumwolf. However, none of them seem to have Furry characters, despite the animal-headed Hindu gods like Ganesha and Hanuman who do not appear in many original novels anyway.

Mord im Tiefflug

There are active Indian animation and comic-book industries. Lent , an authority on Asiatic communication and popular culture cinema, comic books, literature, etc. The fans on the AnthroAsia forum agree. Anthropomorphism is very much a Western concept passed on to this part of the world. When I was growing up, the only exposure to anthropomorphic characters was through children's storybooks or through cartoons on the television. Here, in Singapore, where English is the language of instruction, most of our material originates from the West.

Even if they were novels written by Asian writers, it was probably most written in English to target a more globally reaching audience or done in a form spanning beyond written language e. Unfortunately, nobody from Japan answered my query about adult novels with anthropomorphized animals, and I do not know enough Japanese to research this on my own.

Also, cute anthropomorphized animals are very popular in Japan as sports mascots and corporate logos. With all these, there are quite likely some in adult literature as well. Since this is a study of adult fiction, the juvenile Russian Oz novels of Aleksandr Volkov and their sequels by Yuri Kuznetsov, Leonid Vladimirski, and others are not included. Where did the dragon come from that can fly and not fly, feeds like a man who eats everything, and is practically immortal?

Something is just right: And life on Earth, stuck in the Middle Ages, explodes. The church is suffering defeat after defeat, jousting has replaced expeditions into space, and one lone dragon is the beginning of a whole race of winged wise men. In The Dragon of the Congo Castle , a spaceman and a dragon team up to rescue a damsel in distress on an alien planet. In To Become a Dragon , a man wonders where so many flying dragons suddenly came from. No dragons are mentioned at all, though there certainly is one on the cover.

In Going Into the Night ,. Imagine a world where there is no night, only blue and red days changing from one to the other. And there are lycanthropes who on one day look like humans and on the other day like beasts. The humans remember nothing about the beast time, nor the beasts of the human. During the red days, a girl with a wolf goes there, while during the blue days it's a man and a big cat. They will meet a lot of adversity and adventure on this way, a way to the Stone Forest and on the way to themselves.

On Earth, where by a strange whim of nature not the primates, but the descendants of cynoids, dogs, became intelligent. The world followed the biological way of development but in the end came to mechanical technologies. The world where people are as diverse as dogs in our world. There are no murders - murderers simply go insane, because several hundred years ago all humanity was genetically modified and stripped of all aggressiveness. And it comes out that in Siberia there are true wolves, predators, for whom killing is as natural as breathing.